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Driving up Standards – More Money or More Competition?

From the Press Association, via Yahoo News: Thousands of people may be dying unnecessarily in an NHS that “is too centralised, overly-managed by politicians and is too insulated from competition”, a lobby group has said. Analysis of mortality figures by the TaxPayers’ Alliance suggests almost 12,000 extra deaths occurred in the UK in 2008 than … Continue reading

Environmental Effects on Genes

From The Daily Mail: Audrey Hepburn, iconic star of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, was renowned for her waif-like figure. But her sylph-like beauty masked a lifetime of poor health which culminated in her death at only 63. Now, a leading scientist suggests that her genes were fundamentally altered through suffering starvation as a teenager in the … Continue reading

Britons among the best binge-drinkers in Europe

From The Telegraph: The study of drinkers in European countries excluded those whose intake was deemed a cause for concern, leaving a sample of 6,500 ‘normal’ drinkers. Overall, 4.5 per cent were considered binge drinkers, meaning they down six or more drinks at one sitting at least once a month – with a drink being … Continue reading

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