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Genetic Personalisation: turning cancer into a chronic, manageable illness?

From The Telegraph: In a groundbreaking new venture, the NHS, Cancer Research UK and pharmaceutical companies are joining together to offer all cancer patients experimental new drugs that are honed to the specific genetics of their tumours. It is predicted to turn some the biggest cancer killers into long-term manageable diseases. The project will begin … Continue reading

Leeds defects from UKCAT to BMAT for 2014/2015

For the upcoming 2014/2015 application cycle, Leeds Medical School will require candidates to sit the BMAT instead of the UKCAT: Link Additionally, Brighton & Sussex Medical School are moving towards using BMAT for some candidates applying for graduate entry, alongside their existing use of BMAT for undergraduate applicants. GeMS offers intensive preparation courses for both … Continue reading

Plain Packaging Cigarettes

From the BBC: The government is moving forward with plans to ban branding on cigarette packs in England, Public Health Minister Jane Ellison told MPs. Areas to think about: What evidence is there that plain packaging affects smoking trends? What are the costs & benefits of introducing mandatory plain packaging? How should one weigh up … Continue reading

Suspended Animation

From The Independent: For the first time ever, doctors will begin trials of a new method to save patients by placing them in a state of “suspended animation” where they are neither dead nor alive. It’s hoped that this extraordinary procedure will give surgeons the time to carry out life-saving operations on individuals with fatal … Continue reading

Bad Science

From the BBC: A Japanese scientist behind a seemingly groundbreaking stem cell study says the findings should be withdrawn amid doubts over its quality. It was reported in January that dipping cells in acid could cheaply and quickly convert them into stem cells. But questions were raised about the images used in the scientific report … Continue reading

2013/2014 Oxford University Medicine Admission Statistics

Click here for statistics from the 2013 admissions round (2014 entry) Key points: 1431 people applied; this figure is skewed upwards by the 303 international, fee-paying candidates (only 3 of which received an eventual offer). Still, competition for places remained stiff at about 9 applicants per place. The mean BMAT score was 54% (up from … Continue reading

UKCAT Average Subtest Scores 2013

UKCAT 2013 Statistics (taken from official UKCAT report): Mean average subtest scores: Verbal Reasoning: 557 Quantitative Reasoning: 655 Abstract Reasoning: 661 Decision Analysis: 771 Decile boundaries: 5th Decile total score: 2590 10th Decile total score: 3030

Judi Dench “can’t read anymore”

From the Guardian: Dench suffers from macular degeneration, an age-related condition that leads to a gradual loss of vision, which her mother also had. But the actor, 79, who has notched up 95 award nominations during her illustrious career, balked at suggestions her career would slow down because of failing health. She told the Hollywood … Continue reading

Cost Effectiveness, NICE & the NHS

From the Daily Mail: The rationing body, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), plans to lower the cost threshold for new treatments and end the priority given to patients who are dying… It involves changes to a complex formula, known as quality adjusted life years (QALY). This determines the cost-effectiveness of a … Continue reading

Obesity: a growing problem

From the BBC: Estimates that half the UK population will be obese by 2050 “underestimate” the problem, a report has claimed. The National Obesity Forum said Britain was in danger of surpassing the prediction contained in a 2007 report. The lobbying group is calling for hard-hitting awareness campaigns, similar to the approach taken to smoking, … Continue reading

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