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Fantastic Voyage

From the BBC: In a case of science fiction meeting reality, microscopic “machines” have journeyed inside a living animal for the first time. The tiny devices delivered a cargo of nano-particles into the stomach lining of a mouse… The machines, made of polymer tubes coated with zinc, are just 20 micrometres long – the width … Continue reading

Bird Flu!

From the BBC: A case of bird flu has been confirmed at a duck breeding farm in East Yorkshire, officials have said. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the risk to public health was very low and there is not said to be a food safety issue. Some 6,000 birds will … Continue reading

Electronically-Assisted Telepathy?

From Sky News: In a world first, a team of researchers has achieved brain-to-brain transmission of information between humans. The team managed to send messages from India to France – a distance of 5,000 miles – without performing invasive surgery on the test subjects. There were four participants in the study, aged between 28 and … Continue reading

Doctors’ Assistants

From the BBC: The NHS is to rapidly expand the number of people in “doctor’s assistant” roles. Physician associates are usually science graduates who have two years of intense training. However, some concern has been raised that the more junior posts will be used to replace more expensive doctors, damaging care. Areas to think about: … Continue reading

Warning signs

From the BBC: Scientists say a part of the brain, smaller than a pea, triggers the instinctive feeling that something bad is about to happen. Writing in the journal PNAS, they suggest the habenula plays a key role in how humans predict, learn from and respond to nasty experiences. And they question whether hyperactivity in … Continue reading

Assisted Dying

From the BBC: Lord Falconer, whose private member’s bill would legalise the practice for some terminally ill patients, said a “limited” change was needed to the law to give people choice on their deaths. But Lord Tebbit said it would create “too much of a financial incentive for the taking of life”. The bill passed … Continue reading

Beating the Bacteria

From the BBC: Scientists have found a new route to attack antibiotic-resistant bacteria by blocking the mechanism they use to build their exterior coating. The bugs construct this defensive barrier in a complex process that depends on a key dual-protein molecule. Its structure has been mapped using the intense X-rays of the Diamond Light Source … Continue reading

Targetting Cancer

From the Press Association, via Yahoo News: A targeting molecule that zeroes in on a wide range of tumours could revolutionise cancer diagnosis and treatment, scientists believe. The agent, known as APC (alkylphosphocholine), can deliver a radioactive “warhead” directly into the heart of cancer cells. Alternatively, it can be labelled with a fluorescent “tag” to … Continue reading

Molecular Monitoring

From the Press Association, via Yahoo News: A molecule that changes colour in the blood could provide a simple and accurate way of monitoring drug dosages for patients, say researchers… Ensuring patients get the correct doses of medicines can be critically important… But since patients differ in their tolerance to drugs this can be tricky. … Continue reading

Sectioned to get a bed?

From the BBC: Pressure on mental health beds is so severe that some patients are having to be sectioned to secure necessary care, a survey of junior doctors suggests. The Royal College of Psychiatrists questioned 576 trainees working in psychiatry across the UK. The college said its findings suggested mental health services were approaching a … Continue reading

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