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Purpose = Life

From the BBC: Having a sense of purpose may add years to your life, regardless of what the purpose is, research suggests. Not only does it contribute to healthy aging, but it may also stave off early death, according to a study of 7,000 Americans. The research, published in Psychological Science, applies across adult life, … Continue reading

UKCAT For Dummies – Second Edition now available!

UKCAT For Dummies Second Edition is now available! Building on the popular & successful first edition, the second edition has been updated and expanded to include: MORE information – including the new Situational Judgement Test MORE practice questions than ever MORE exclusive online practice content (to come later in the year) Get it now from … Continue reading

Leeds defects from UKCAT to BMAT for 2014/2015

For the upcoming 2014/2015 application cycle, Leeds Medical School will require candidates to sit the BMAT instead of the UKCAT: Link Additionally, Brighton & Sussex Medical School are moving towards using BMAT for some candidates applying for graduate entry, alongside their existing use of BMAT for undergraduate applicants. GeMS offers intensive preparation courses for both … Continue reading

2013/2014 Oxford University Medicine Admission Statistics

Click here for statistics from the 2013 admissions round (2014 entry) Key points: 1431 people applied; this figure is skewed upwards by the 303 international, fee-paying candidates (only 3 of which received an eventual offer). Still, competition for places remained stiff at about 9 applicants per place. The mean BMAT score was 54% (up from … Continue reading

Genetic Success

From Yahoo News: Genes are a bigger influence on GCSE exam results than teachers, schools or the family, new research has shown. Scientists studied the extent to which genetics contributes to academic success in more than 11,000 identical and non-identical 16-year-old twins. They concluded that the DNA a child is born with accounts for more … Continue reading

Congratulations GCSE Students of 2013!

From the BBC: More than 600,000 teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are receiving results, with head teachers saying changes have caused “a lot of turbulence” in grades. About two-thirds of exam entries were graded between an A* and a C – a fall on last year. And the proportion getting an A* or … Continue reading

Congratulations A-Level 2013 Students!

A-level pass rates have risen for the 31th year in a row to 98.1%, though the percentage of entries awarded top A/A* grades fell marginally to 26.3% from 26.6%. It still means a lot of people around the country have received the happy news that they’ve met their offers from the Medical School of their … Continue reading

UKCAT 2013 new format sample questions

To help you familiarise yourself with the new style questions in the 2013 UKCAT, the team at GeMS – Get into Medical School have made sample questions available at the online update page for UKCAT For Dummies, alongside plenty of information on the changes: download them for free here! Good Luck with the UKCAT!

Oxford Medical Students get their own emergency responder car

From the BBC: Medical students at the University of Oxford are being equipped with a response vehicle to attend emergencies. South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) has recruited volunteers to administer aid to patients whilst their ambulance response is en route to a scene. To date 34 students have been trained, with 17 having passed a … Continue reading

UKCAT 2013 Format Changes – IMPORTANT

The 2013 UKCAT exam differs significantly from previous years, both in terms the the nature of the subtests and the number of questions in each section. You can find information on the latest updates, and free online sample new format questions, at the online update page for UKCAT For Dummies. GeMS – Get into Medical … Continue reading

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