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Cost Effectiveness, NICE & the NHS

From the Daily Mail: The rationing body, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), plans to lower the cost threshold for new treatments and end the priority given to patients who are dying… It involves changes to a complex formula, known as quality adjusted life years (QALY). This determines the cost-effectiveness of a … Continue reading

Targetting Treatments

From The Daily Mail: Thousands of people with heart disease suffer severe adverse reactions to some of the main drugs – statins and ACE inhibitors – that are used to treat it. Now, new research by the University of Dundee suggests that genetic testing could be used to predict these side effects. From the BBC: … Continue reading

Supplementing Diet

From the BBC, The Telegraph & The Daily Mail: Iodine deficiency ‘may lower UK children’s IQ’ Vitamin C kills drug-resistant TB in lab tests Vitamin B could stave off Alzheimers Vitamin D ‘helps beat symptoms of asthma’ Areas to think about: Hardly a day goes by without a news article suggesting that one or other … Continue reading

3 minutes of exercise a week

From the Daily Mail: There is welcome news for anyone who’s resolved to get fit in the New Year. Scientists claim we don’t have to spend hours every week slogging in the gym or jogging around a park in all weathers, along with the other January resolution makers. Instead, they advocate a pioneering new quick … Continue reading

“The Drink”

From The Daily Mail: There’s a new drink that could not only help you lose weight, but could also treat epilepsy, diabetes and possibly even Alzheimer’s… the ketone drink was the result of a commission from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is set up to research imaginative high-risk projects. ‘Back in … Continue reading

An apple a day…

From the Daily Mail: A new study suggests that eating apples each day could significantly improve the heart health of middle-aged adults in just one month. Those who ate a daily apple over four weeks lowered ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood by 40 per cent – a substance linked to hardening of the arteries. Taking … Continue reading

The return of O-Levels

From the BBC: [Education Secretary] Mr Gove is reported to be preparing to scrap GCSEs for England from autumn 2014, but did not confirm any details… Mr Gove said action was needed because the current exam system was letting children down. “Children are working harder than ever but we are hearing that the system is … Continue reading

“A known complication… of gastric bypass”

From The Daily Mail: An obese mother… had undergone gastric bypass surgery but kept it secret from her family and started eating too much after the operation. Her oesophagus swelled to the size of a normal stomach and food built up all the way to her throat, causing her to suffocate, an inquest in Truro, … Continue reading

Hacking Medical Devices

From the Daily Mail: Barnaby Jack, an analyst at security firm McAfee, has revealed how he was able to hijack a well-known make of insulin pump within two weeks by hacking its radio signals using a small antenna. He was also able to disable security alerts that warn the user something is awry… Researchers from … Continue reading

Heart Attack success

From the Daily Mail: Researchers were attempting to discover whether the drop was driven by prevention through lifestyle changes or treatment once a heart attack happened. They analysed data on 840,000 victims either admitted to hospital in England for a heart attack or who died suddenly from one. And they found that lifestyle and treatment … Continue reading

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