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Medical School Applications

2012/2013 Oxford University Medicine Admission Statistics

Click here for statistics from the 2012 admissions round (2013 entry)

Key points:

  • 1468 people applied; just over 10% received offers. This figure is skewed slightly upwards by the 255 international, fee-paying candidates (only 1 received an eventual offer), but irrespective of this, competition for places remained stiff.
  • The mean BMAT score was 52% (down from 55% in 2011); this rose for to those short-listed to 62% (66% in 2011). For those with an offer of a place, the mean adjusted BMAT score was 65% (68% in 2011) .
  • The mean number of total GCSE qualifications offered (not including short courses and other GCSE-equivalent qualifications) was 10.5.
  • The mean proportion of A* at GCSE was 0.80 (0.76 in 2011); this rose for those short-listed to 0.94 (0.90 in 2011). For those with an offer of a place who had taken GCSEs, the mean proportion of A* at GCSE was 0.94 (0.91 in 2011).
  • BMAT is the only element of an application that is common to all applicants for Medicine and giving as it does a snapshot of ability and aptitude, is an important selection tool when assessing a large number of extremely well qualified applicants.

Our analysis:

  • Every year, the standard is higher and the competition is tougher: almost 95% of GCSEs at A* and an average of 65% at BMAT for successful candidates are both hugely impressive results.
  • The slight reduction in BMAT score from last year’s 68% is scant comfort; candidates still need to perform very strongly in the BMAT to stand a good chance of getting it
  • Thorough preparation is your best chance of doing well and impressing short-listers.

GeMS offers courses on both general medical school applications and specific BMAT preparation

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