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Hacking Medical Devices

From the Daily Mail: Barnaby Jack, an analyst at security firm McAfee, has revealed how he was able to hijack a well-known make of insulin pump within two weeks by hacking its radio signals using a small antenna. He was also able to disable security alerts that warn the user something is awry… Researchers from … Continue reading

Oxford Medical School Admission Statistics 2012

Click here to see statistics from the 2011 admissions round (2012 entry) Key points: The mean BMAT score was 55% (similar to 2010); this rose for to those short-listed to 66% (similar in 2010). For those with an offer of a place, the mean adjusted BMAT score was 68%. The mean number of total GCSE … Continue reading

The Ethics of Screening

From the BBC: Academics at Harvard School of Public Health looked at nearly 40,000 cases of breast cancer in Norway. They took advantage of a natural experiment to determine the effect of screening as different regions in Norway introduced screening at different times between 1996 and 2005. The findings, presented in Annals of Internal Medicine, … Continue reading

Fattened up

From the BBC: The team at the New York University School of Medicine and the Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, looked at records from 1,393 people who had both their BMI and body fat scores measured. Their data showed that most of the time the two measures came to the same conclusion. However, they … Continue reading

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