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Medical School Applications

University applications “recovering”

From the BBC:

Anglia Ruskin has released figures that suggest the overall application numbers across the UK are now only 2% below the point where they were last year.

If this is a sign of an upturn, it is against many of the expectations of a slump in applications in the wake of concerns about the increase in tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year from 2012.

These national figures have not been confirmed by Ucas, which is set to publish its own update on applicants and applications on Wednesday. The Ucas figures, which include a more detailed breakdown of application trends, will also not be as up to date as those from Anglia Ruskin.

Areas to think about:

  • Why might application figures be recovering?
  • Is getting in to university more or less competitive than in the past?

ADDENDUM: Ucas figures now released too, confirmed a late surge in applications.

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