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Public starting to understand need to close hospitals

From the Guardian: The biggest public consultation conducted by the NHS found “widespread support” for closing child heart surgery centres in Leeds, Oxford and the Royal Brompton, says a report commissioned by the team reviewing options for cardiac care… Although the argument has been won that surgery should be concentrated in fewer, bigger centres, it … Continue reading

White Hair

From the Daily Mail: Stress really can turn your hair grey, say scientists. They have got to the root of how the ‘fight or flight chemical’ adrenaline causes damage that may eventually lead to a variety of conditions from the superficial, such as grey hair, to the serious, such as cancer. To work out why, … Continue reading

No more fillings

From the Daily Mail: Scientists believe they have found the secret of a ‘completely painless’ filling by identifying a material which repairs decaying teeth – with no need for a drill… When the protein solution is applied to the tooth, it immediately soaks into these holes and forms a scaffold of protein where the enamel … Continue reading

Diet & Acne

From The Telegraph: Recent evidence, however, strongly suggests that diet can determine how bad your acne will be (if not actually causing it). The good news is that chocolate is probably blameless. In clinical trials the consumption of large quantities of dairy-free chocolate made no difference to the number of ‘lesions’ on the faces of … Continue reading

Iraq & Afghanistan “safer than Chronic Fatigue researching”

From the Guardian: He gave up his research on chronic fatigue syndrome several years ago, though he still treats patients. “I have moved my research interests to studies of Gulf war syndrome and other conditions linked to war zones,” he said. “That has taken me to Iraq and Afghanistan where quite frankly I feel a … Continue reading

Commuting to an early grave

From The Guardian: Gender differences in the effects of commuting on psychological health, is published today in the Journal Of Health Economics, and found that women with pre-school age children were affected the most. For them, the psychological impact of commuting was four times greater than it was for men with pre-school children Areas to … Continue reading

Is the Gap Year on a Gap Year?

From the Telegraph: A gap year used to be a rite of passage. Now a generation of students is asking whether it is right at all. Gap Year companies, once one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry, are beginning to struggle as students turn their backs on a traditional year off for four … Continue reading

Too many people on statins

From The Telegraph: … the paper, published in The Lancet today, is the latest in a series suggesting too many people are taking the medicine once seen as a wonder drug. Up to 7million middle-aged and older people in England are thought to take statins, at a cost of £500million a year to the NHS. … Continue reading

Britons among the best binge-drinkers in Europe

From The Telegraph: The study of drinkers in European countries excluded those whose intake was deemed a cause for concern, leaving a sample of 6,500 ‘normal’ drinkers. Overall, 4.5 per cent were considered binge drinkers, meaning they down six or more drinks at one sitting at least once a month – with a drink being … Continue reading

New advances in heart failure treatment

From Yahoo Health: A new drug which helps the heart pump more easily could improve the lives of thousands of people afflicted by debilitating heart failure, research suggests. Omecamtiv mecarbil is the first of a new class of drugs, called myosin activators, targeting proteins that make the heart contract. Rather than forcing the heart to … Continue reading

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